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Just Be Soap Co

Meet the Maker

Hello! I’m Sarah! Owner, Creator and Mad Scientist at Just Be Soap Co.

From early on, I have always been a creative soul with a love of gift giving.

Creating balance in my life is important to me (and because meditation doesn't stick and exercise fluctuates, to lack of, mostly), my go-to is the bath.  I enjoy creating a home spa, with: music, soft music, warm/bubbly bath, aromatherapy and quite possibly a glass of wine. In search of stronger, longer lasting scents, I ventured into soap and candle making. I instantly fell in love!

Incorporating my one of a kind style, quality ingredients that were easier on my skin, and the joy of gift giving--the love spread and Just Be was born. 

I am thrilled you are visiting my shop. I hope, you too, enjoy unique and practical gift giving to yourself and to others. 

Days can be long, take time to Just Be!