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Just Be Soap Co

Soy Candles

Long lasting hand poured soy candles with ribbon wicks and rich scents.

It's Soy-
Soy wax tends to have it's own charm and character. You may see some weird aesthetics at times. Don't worry, this is called frosting. A good sign that the candle is indeed made of soy and not paraffin. Frosting does not affect the performance of the candle. Another soy nuance is something the industry calls 'wet spots' which might appear between the was and glass. Again, normal and will not affect the performance of the candle.

Vanillan fragrances tend to tint yellow and may  leave a "ring" around the top of the candle. This is normal and does not affect the candles performance.


  • Keep wicks trimmed to approximately 1/4" and centered.
  • Burn for longer than an hour for an even burn pool, no more than four hours. 
  • Extinguish your candle in the wax with a wick dipper for less smoke. 
  • No candle can be completely soot free, but properly made soy candles are less prone to soot.

Burn safely and responsibly!